Eat Like a Local in Bali: A Quick Glance

Eat Like a Local in Bali: A Quick Glance

Bali is full of beach clubs experience and fine, luxury dining and it’s very easy to simply indulge and splurge on food alone. No one can blame you—with the rich, extensive options Bali has to offer when it comes to food and dining, not many could resist, even those who claimed to travel on a backpack. However, often times the splurge is due to lack of knowledge on what and where to spend when it comes to local food. Balinese, and Indonesians in general, don’t eat at places like Potato Head or La Laguna on every other weekend when dining out, of course, unless they’re rich and willing to spend. If you’re serious about experiencing Bali like a local, eating like one is one of them. Budget your food spending under 5 USD per day (under 50,000 – 60,000 IDR); this would be a pleasant challenge, especially if you spend over a week in the paradise island.


The most essential basics when it comes to enjoying your food like a local in Bali


Nasi Jinggo

Nasi Jinggo is a popular dish originated in Bali. Sold on the streets as well as in warungs, this dish used to be priced at 1,500 IDR per serving before the 1997 economic crisis. In Southern Min Chinese dialect, Hokkien, the namesake of the dish, “jinggo” or “jenggo” means “1,500”. These days, nasi jinggo is often priced at 3,500 to 5,000 IDR. Still one of the cheapest dishes you can find. Nasi Jinggo often uses yellow rice instead of the common white rice, served with fried noodles, spiced shredded coconut, spiced chicken shreds, wrapped in coconut leaves. You might want to double or triple your servings as nasi jinggo portions are customarily small. Best eaten when hot!


Warung Muslim

Over seventy percent of the residents of Bali is Hindu, but you can find warung muslim at almost every other corner of the road. A lot of warung muslims are open for 24 hours. The main dish offered at warung muslim is Nasi Campur, literally means “mixed rice”. They will give you rice, then ask you to chose from the variety of buffet dishes they have in a glass display. Chicken, satay, fried tofu, varieties of sauces, and so forth. They serve halal food, so no alcohol—though places in Bali are known to be more lenient compared to most parts of Indonesia, so if you’re lucky, you might find cans or bottles of Bintangs in their fridge. Warung Muslim is a staple to most locals because of the variety of food they offer as well as the affordability for the locals.


The popular Indonesian meatball soup dish, sold by vendors in pushing carts on the streets. You’ve got to try Bakso as they originally are—street food, and stationed carts, not in some fancy, overpriced restaurants. A bowl of bakso could easily fill you up. Prices averaged on 5,000 IDR. If you spend a 10K (less than 1 USD) on your bowl of bakso, you’re already getting a complete, super filling serving with a generous portion of vegetables and even some tofu.


Rumah Makan

A lot of “Rumah Makan” offers West Sumatran cuisines—everywhere in Indonesia, it’s easy to spot Rumah Makan Padang. They offer ready to eat meals that’s rich with flavors; coconut milk being one of the key ingredients for the seasonings and broth of a range of Padang cuisines. Padang style chicken curry plus daun ubi (cassava leaves) as the vegetable usually cost you less than 20,000 IDR. It’s one of the culinary must-try as Padang cuisines are one of the most well-known dishes popular throughout Indonesia, and you’ll find them in an abundance in Bali.


Shop at Traditional Markets

If you want to take your “do it like a local” journey a step further and decide to cook your very own Indonesian meals, then head to your closest traditional market! A lot of traditional markets open very early in the morning, as early as 3 to 4 am until 11 am to 12 pm. Some vegetable vendors might already be sold out at 9 am though, so make sure to set your alarm and hunt for excellent bargains early! Traditional markets are characterized by the open-air space and the lack of rooms/dividers between vendors. Vendors commonly sell and put their items on a table. Vegetables, fruits, and even some clothes and sandals are available at the traditional market, on a much cheaper price, and if you know some Bahasa, you can even try to bargain. Whole chicken of  approximately 1 kilogram is priced at the range of 40,000 IDR, less or more.


Know Your Local Supermarkets

What we meant by local supermarkets are not “Papaya” or “Pepito” that you often find in Kuta and Legian area and in department store. What we meant by local supermarkets are those that are not located in a touristy area and not established targeting tourists or expats. One of the most popular establishments in Denpasar is Tiara Dewata. There’s also Lotte Mart, a large garage-like building located at the South of Denpasar Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai; possibly the cheapest in Bali when it comes to one-stop, bulk grocery shopping. Another option is Hypermart. It can be found at Mall Bali Galeria Kuta. It’s noticeably more expensive to places like Tiara, but it could be considerably more convenient for you if you live in the Kuta area.


How Does A Komodo Cruise Really Look Like

Flores is a beautiful places with dozens of pristine islands and dozens of beautiful Komodo cruise passing along the straits. It has many small islands and quiet little ports that are much too small for larger vessels. Add shallow water on the surrounding shores—and you’ll get the reason why you’ve never seen big cruises wandering around Flores.

A Journey with Komodo Cruise: What You Can Do

Authentic Experiences You’ll Get from Komodo Cruise

Komodo Cruise are Agile Adventurers

Though they are likely called as cruise, the Komodo cruise in Flores and around is nothing like grand cruises. The one that’s built with 6 floors and hundreds of rooms, complete with jacuzzi and tennis court. Small wooden ships are the belle around the remote Komodo National Park. As the largest size usually ‘only’ reach to 38 – 40 meters, Komodo cruise is perfect to sail even in the smallest straits in the National Park. Most of beautiful coastline in this area is inaccessible to all but the small cruises, and that single reason beats any sumptuousness grandeur cruises have.

A Perfect Vessels to Travel to the Past

With looming rugged hills that dramatically drop to the ocean, the landscape in Komodo National Park resemble more like a long lost Jurassic world than a part of modern day live. When you travel to this raw frontier inside gigantic cruise, you might missing the essence. Komodo cruise, though, is a perfect vessel to enjoy the rawness setting. It’s hard to not be lulled into faraway fantasies while you are cruising inside an authentic, perfectly polished wooden boat.

A Moveable Boutique Hotel

Travelers should be alert that there are many Komodo operators claiming their wooden boats as a cruise, even when it hardly looks like one. You can call a wooden boat as small cruise when they have at least ensuite bedrooms and spacious living areas. Though small, these small cruises are like moveable boutique hotels. These Komodo cruises have the most gorgeous ships and cabins design. They incorporate neutral colors like blue, white, and red with the original wooden tone—and the result are very aesthetic! They have wide range of boats depend on the number or your groups and even for couple in honeymoon.

No Place for Fireworks and Party, but Plenty to Laze Around

Do you know that you cannot lit a firework inside a Komodo National Park? The islands are among the driest in Indonesian archipelago. They can be easily burnt with a single spark. Beside, there’s almost no place for firework party in a Komodo cruise. It doesn’t mean the fun should stop, though. The serene wooden deck is perfect to call a peaceful stargazing night and romantic candle night dinner. It suits very well for those who want to quietly explore the beautiful frontiers and immerse in one of the best seascapes in the world.

So, how does venturing in the middle of nowhere with Komodo cruise sounds to you?

Best Ideas for Adventure Trip for Family

Having adventure trip for family getaway is not a bad idea. Besides, it must be boring to just go for regular vacation such as visiting amusement park, going to the beach, etc. Thus, adventure trip is a good idea especially if you have family with growing teenagers. Their adventurous soul needs to feed so they will be ecstatic to know that they are going for adventure trip instead of boring family vacation. By having adventure trip, you can help your teens to release their excessive energy into something more positive. It can also help them finding their interest in life. Besides, physical activities during family trip are the best moment to remember.

Recommended ideas of adventure trip for family

Natural environment is always the best option for a family trip. This is the best place to let your children learn many new things. You will be able to bring fresh perspective to your family through this type of trip because you become close to the natural environment unlike your daily life when it is surrounded by modern devices. Here are some ideas for adventure family trip you can pick based on your interest and budget:

  • Camping is one of the most favorite things to do especially for kids and teens. They like the vibe of being close to the nature. There are many things you and your family can do while camping in the best spot such as stargazing, making bonfire, riding horse, exploring nearest forest, hunting, etc. Before going, make sure you make thorough plan for the sake of safety. Choose the right activities to do by considering your children’s age.
  • Safari will always manage to steal your kid’s attention. Having a safari is the great moment to educate your children about animals and natural environment. They are not only able to see from afar but from close-up. There are many places you can choose as the best spot for having a safari as adventure trip for family. There are also family oriented-activities you can pick during safari such as kayaking, visiting animal conservation, tracking animals, etc.
  • Introducing new culture can also a great idea for family trip with adventure vibe. You can choose the right destination in which the culture can be learned easily by your family in not boring manner. You can pick various activities such as visiting historical monument or museum, visiting football stadium, or having jungle trail. The mix of culture, sports and nature is a great recipe to have fun trip but still meaningful and educating.
  • Mountain exploring can also be the best family trip that has adventure perks. There are many activities to do with this mountain exploring concept such as walking tour, finding treasure, fishing, hiking, and many more. This is a great approach to introduce your family to nature in a fun way. They are not only able to get close to wildlife but also learn how to keep the nature safe. This adventure trip for family is a good approach to educate your family without forcing them to.

3 Crucial Things Before Leasing Property In Bali

Property is a profitable investment, both short and long-term. Bali is a lucrative investment land. Investment does not have to be on a large scale. Everyone can personally invest in property. Buying land, houses, apartments or villas, whether to be occupied or rented, is a form of investment.

leasing property in bali

Rarely do people buy property in cash? For that, there are many benefits from leasing property in Bali that can realize your dreams. The process of buying and leasing property in Bali is very easy and simple. Many important things must be considered before buying or leasing in Bali.

The Indonesian government has just fixed a digital land certificate system. A few decades earlier, land certificates were in the form of handwriting. This makes it possible for 1 property to have 2 land certificates. Clash disputes over land often occur. For that reason, the important thing before investing anywhere, especially buying or leasing in Bali is to conduct a due diligence survey. The purpose of the complete UII survey is a comprehensive assessment of your new investment for you.

High Potential you should know before leasing property in Bali

Are prices of leasing property in Bali based on market value?

The concept of the market, price, cost, and value is very relevant on the basis of the assessment of buying or leasing property in Bali. Especially in Bali, the demand for property, whether for hotels, villas, resorts or residences is getting higher, Bali’s economy is very good and market demand is one of the causes of property prices based on market value.

Are there outstanding taxes?

Before taxes are paid, allowing leasing of property in Bali will be slightly hampered. It is better to check before the leasing process is carried out. If you do not check, this allows you to pay the previous owner’s tax. This will be very detrimental to your finances.

Is there any clarity on land boundaries?

Property investment in the form of land will be profitable. Most foreign businesses in Bali rent land to build their business. The period of time set by the tenant is not half-hearted. Minimum land rent for foreign businessmen in the long term is 10-25 years. After the lease expires, the tenant must negotiate whether there is an increase in land rent or not. Land boundaries will greatly help mark the land that you should belong to. This can prevent your land from being recognized by others.

Thrift Stores to Visit for Super Affordable Fashion Shopping in Tokyo

Thrift Stores to Visit for Super Affordable Fashion Shopping in Tokyo

Tokyo is a mecca for fashion where everyday travelers and celebrities alike pay a visit to the city simply to bask in the sheer atmosphere the Tokyo fashion scene offers. From trendy everyday clothing to quirky and downright bizarre fashion mix-match, Tokyo has it all. Although the city is home to a large number of both local and international high fashion brands, fashion shopping in Tokyo does not have to break the bank. For the budget conscious and the diligent diggers alike, Tokyo could be the next best place to shop for both fashionable and affordable items. And by affordable, we actually meant dirt cheap, especially considering it’s Tokyo.


Thrift stores or secondhand clothes is the obvious choice for people looking to purchase affordable items. However, the Japanese secondhand stores—more commonly referred as “recycle store” by the locals—take thrift stores to an entirely new level. It’s more than just one aspect of economy—it’s a culture in itself. Used clothes in Japan is also notorious for its almost pristine, barely-worn state. From everyday fashion to curated items, you’re bound to find something you’re looking for in Tokyo.

Flea market

Tokyo has a number of flea markets held regularly. Flea markets in Tokyo offer just about everything you can name. They usually have a large quality of clothing section and this is where you could probably strike the best bargain, especially if you speak some Japanese. The only downside is that if rain occurs or forecasted, the flea market is usually cancelled because most of them are held outdoors in parks or public areas. Some of the most well-known flea markets in Tokyo are Mottainai Flea Market, Shinjuku Chuo Koen flea market, and Yoyogi Koen flea market. Make sure to note the dates of each flea market.

OFF chain stores

Better known as the Book-OFF chain stores, this store has several names that cater to different categories. They are Mode-OFF, House-OFF, Hobby-OFF, Hard-OFF, and Book-OFF, where they focus on different items respectively. The OFF chain stores that sell clothes are Mode-Off and House-Off. Both Mode-Off and House-Off sell everyday clothing items with prices that are hard to beat. You can easily find tops that looks almost brand new priced at 300 to 500 JPY, which is less than 5 USD.


This clothing store located in Harajuku, Shibuya store boasted over 20,000 products. Kinji Used Clothing is pretty massive, with dirt cheap prices where you can find an overwhelming number of items sold for less than 1,000 JPY. It has a good portion of men section. You can easily spot Kinji in the streets of Harajuku just outside of La Foret.

Stick Out

Located in the hip neighborhood of Shimokitazawa, Stick Out has vintage items and trendy everyday used clothing perfect for those on a tight shopping budget during their trip to Tokyo. Everything is priced at 700 JPY—a more than awesome deal to those who’d want to snatch a couple of outfits for their Tokyo look.

RAGTAG Harajuku

Now, RAGTAG is not exactly dirt-cheap. This store almost exclusively exists for those who are into branded fashion items. RAGTAG has an impressive collection of luxury and high fashion. It can be an excellent choice for you who love luxury items, but with a more affordable price tag.


With several stores located in Tokyo, CHICAGO sells very reasonably priced vintage clothes as well as fashion items from famous labels. Chicago also has a selection of used yukata and kimono starting from 1,500 JPY. It’s quite a steal, especially since that price tag is definitely cheaper than what rental offers.


Spinns is not exactly what you’d say a used clothing store. With its fun, decor-filled interior, Spinn boasts their very own unique designs sold at a very reasonable price. Some of the plaid skirts are sold at 1,600 JPY. The Tokyo Fashion website detailed that Spinns designed fashion items that are re-made using used, new and vintage clothing that made the pieces sold at Spinns are one-of a kind. Clothes sold at Spinns’ are created by local designers fashion students. Spinn has been featured at numerous articles and Tokyo fashion magazines.


Padar Island: Adventure to Rugged Hills and Dazzling Water

Five years ago, Padar island was just one tiny remote island in Indonesian frontier. Now, it’s a a travel sensation—and will definitely blow your mind. It’s hard to not be smitten by Padar’s otherworldly charm. Behind the rugged hills and deep bays, Padar hides a spectacular view that make any travelers come back for more. It’s one of the rare place on earth where its real landscape is far better than any photo editing trick can do.

Padar Island Adventure to Rugged Hills and Dazzling Water

Padar sits right in the middle of Komodo and Rinca Island and is the third biggest island in Komodo National Park after the two. It was once a home to UNESCO-protected Komodo Dragons as well, though now it’s completely devoid of dragons. The reptiles had long left the tiny Padar as they ran out of food, moved on to the neighbourhood where the islands are bigger and food are plenty. Lucky for us traveler, we can enjoy the wonderful Padar without getting stalked by the dragons.

Curios about this hidden gem? Keep scrolling down to know more about Padar Island before putting it to your destination bucket list.

A Mini Guide to Padar Island, Komodo National Park, Flores

How to get to Padar Island

Just like any other island in Komodo National Park, you can only reach Padar by boat from Labuan Bajo. You can make it as a standalone destination and go anytime with speedboat or prebook your Padar island trip with travel company such as Hello Flores. The latter allows you to arrange a whole visit to other nearby islands in one or multiple days. Call it an excursion! The island is about 30 km from Labuan Bajo, taking approximately 1.5 hours to get there by boat.

What’s In There

Padar island is unlike anything you’ve seen before; where dramatic landscape delicately blends with sense of remoteness and tranquility. The extraordinary jagged brownish hills dominating the island will capture your attention minutes before approaching Padar. Your main destination is where the hills ruggedly incline to peaks. You will have an hour of hike to reach these peak to get the most insane panoramic view ever. This is where the island reveals it’s otherworldly beauty. A view of the whole islands, with three individual bays lay hidden among the savannah hills. Each coves lined by different color of beach—pink, black, and white—in contrast with the deep turquoise ocean. Once you get there, it’s hard to go back down.

Best Time to Visit Padar

Sunsets and sunrise are the best time to hike into this epic spot. During this time, the sun is forgiving and the heat is bearable. It’s the moment when the sun lets its best light, turning the wonderful island into an even more surreal dreamscape. See how golden lights of the sun caress the crisp savannah, illuminating the whole island with incredible glow.

Visiting Padar Island in the middle of April-June will give you a view of green-carpeted island. It’s the time of the year when the island is the greenest, standing brightly against the blueness of the sea. But if you want to see the island in auburn savannah, come around August-September. It might be dry and sandy, but the browny terrain will unveil a completely different charm of Indonesia.

Happy travelling! Don’t forget to bring a good sport shoes and have a wonderful hike!



4 Life Lessons You Can Find From Travelling

There is more than fun you can find while travelling especially when you travel overseas. There are life lessons you can find from travelling. At some points, those lessons can lead travelers to become different person, in a better way. Travelling can be the best moment of finding your true self. Being in comfort zone for a long time makes you live in your own bubble and your real potential is buried deep inside. Thus, travelling can be a great way to learn something new which can contribute to the new and better you. This can lead you to have more meaningful life and maybe you can find new purpose to pursue in the future.

Some of life lessons you can find from travelling

It feels nice if your trip is not only about spending money to enjoy temporary luxury. Your life can change if you can find some lessons while travelling which can make you feel better. Finding some revelations during travelling is not often. Travelers sometime are too absorbed with new surroundings and forget the meaning of each beauty they find. Thus, here are some life lessons you may find while travelling:

  1. Life is full of surprises is the first lesson you will find when travelling abroad. Different cultures, environment and people might overwhelm you once you arrive at your destination. Don’t let this thing cloud your mind from having real lesson. Instead of enjoying the surface of the surprises and differences, it will be much better if you can embrace them all. Be open-minded when you travel to new places. You will find out that life is indeed full of surprises and not all surprises are bad.
  2. One of the most useful life lessons you can find from travelling is to always read signs. Sometimes, you are too ignorant to be aware of your surroundings. While travelling to new place, you will learn to be more cautious which makes you unconsciously pay more attention to any signs available. This is great lesson to help you become more responsible person that always considers your surroundings before taking an action.
  3. Another life lesson you can learn from travelling is to let yourself enjoy what you have at the moment. While travelling, you are free from your daily jobs or tasks. This makes you more at ease and be yourself. This is hard to lose yourself free even in just temporary. However, you will feel great once you feel what freedom like. You will be able to enjoy the moment instead of meddling your mind with the future.
  4. Next life lesson to learn from travelling is to know what feels like to be independent and responsible from taking decision on your own. To find this lesson, you need to try solo travelling. This will give you the vibe of independency. You will find out more about your potential when you are all on your own. This is one of life lesson from travelling which will help you to face the real world without depending too much on others.


4 Cheap Diving Bali Packages To Explore The Unknown

Bali as one of the world’s most popular destinations represents all elements. You can feel the true spiritual atmosphere, the pleasure of vacation and at the same time calm. Activities in Bali not only offer an unforgettable holiday experience. You can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere while enjoying challenging activities while on vacation. Diving is a popular challenging activity. The best row of dive spots in Bali brings you to explore the world that you don’t get on land.

Diving Bali Packages

Diving Bali packages are always the best way to enjoy underwater. List of dive center offers many Bali scuba diving packages with attractive offers. Discount promotions or various benefits offered by dive centers with varying prices. Bali diving spots are perfect for micro photographer lovers. You can take advantage of promos in the summer because there are many interesting offers to explore underwater Bali.

The selection of diving Bali packages can be adjusted according to your vacation schedule. The types of packages offered are very diverse. You can enjoy daily diving or diving safaris. For more challenging dives, you can enjoy a package of Aurora liveaboards to tour Indonesia’s best dive spots. Starting from Komodo, Alor, North Maluku to Raja Ampat.

You don’t need to worry about diving schedules. With the daily diving Bali packages, you can place an order at any time. The best daily diving spot Bali packages offered.

Amed Day Trip

Amed has 4 favorite dive spots which are a haven for divers. You will amaze to see a Japanese shipwreck at depths of 2-5 meters. In addition, you can find species such as pigmy seahorses, leaf fish, scorpion fish, and others.

Jemeluk Bay is one of the Bali diving spot packages where you can enjoy seahorses, frogfish, crabs, shrimp, turtles and white tip sharks. You can see the underwater temples in Jelemuk Bay, which is currently used as a playground and hiding place for fish.

Pyramids are another spot in Amed which is inhabited by many species such as Kura Kura, sharks, napoleon wrasse, many nudibranchs, and other macro lives. This is the best spot for underwater photographers.

Bunutan is included in the favorite spot in Amed which has a depth of 10-40 meters. You can see thousands of eels in Bunutan. In Bunutan, you can see species of a white tip, black tip, tuna, barracudas, giant trevally and others.

Sanur Day Trips

Sanur daily diving Bali packages are perfect for beginner divers. Dive spots in Sanur have calm water and clear visibility. Sanur is the best place for other training packages such as divemaster, Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, or specific Specialty Diver courses.

Padang Bai Diving Bali Packages

You can enjoy 2 diving spots in Pandang Bai through diving Bali packages. Blue Lagoon and Japan offer 2 amazing underwater views. Actually, there are many more dive spots on Padang Bai. Fish species such as anemone clowns and fish, napoleon wrasses, trevallies, jackfish, tuna, Moorish idols, crocodile fish, lionfish, frogfish, octopus, cuttlefish, sharks, and turtles can be found in dive spots on Padang Bai.

Best Tulamben Diving Bali Packages

USAT Liberty is a favorite spot for professional divers, easy to reach. Diving at Tulamben has its own sensation. This one dive spot promises perfect beauty and experience. Tulamben can be said to be a popular spot that many Bali dive centers offer you.

Tokyo Cheap Eats: Get Full Under 500 JPY

While Japan is definitely not a place you’d want to be stingy about when it comes to food, sometimes there’s just that travel you’d want to save your money on. Especially if you’re one of the people planning over a month-long stay—or simply those who are naturally budget-conscious—knowing what to cut will always come in handy sooner or later. Food in Japan is fantastic. Even those considered as “fast food” by the locals are a far cry from what the frying-fest that is Western fast food. Eating on the cheap in Tokyo does not mean you compromise on the taste or the quality.

Tokyo Cheap Eats: Get Full Under 500 JPY

Let’s get dirt cheap. You have a budget of one coin, that is 500 JPY for a full meal. It’s still on an entirely realistic scale to have some solid food even if you’re staying in the heart of Tokyo. That means if you’re eating 3 times a day, you’re going to spend 1500 JPY per day. It’s a pretty good deal that definitely won’t let you starve. This is just a glimpse of the many cheap ways to eat when you’re in the Tokyo metropolis (and in extension, Japan). There’s more depth that could be explored at each option that we hope to elaborate more in the future. Meanwhile, here are some of the easiest ways of pushing down your meal expenses while you’re in Tokyo.


Take Trips to the Supermarket

Definitely a go-to place for a variety of ingredients you could easily obtain. Japanese prided themselves on making your life easier; and instant food doesn’t necessarily mean bad-tasting food. For those who aren’t a fan of instant ramen, plenty of other options are available. Another trip I took to Tokyo last year yields some very affordable options I’d never think of before. In the nearest supermarket at my staying place (A-Colle supermarket), a pack of ready to eat 3 pieces of Hamburg steak (hambagu) costs only approximately 300 JPY. At another supermarket located on the main road (Life Supermarket), I found some frozen okonomiyaki and takoyaki priced at 200 JPY more or less—both are super delicious once thawed and heated.



Bento, otherwise known as lunch box, is another item you can find at the supermarket, but there are also places and restaurants specializing in bento. Discounted bento is a popular way to get full, and you get the advantage of varieties as rice bentos are commonly packed with chicken/fish or meat, and several types of vegetables—price is depends on how fancy or how varied the ingredients of your bento. Bentos or lunch boxes aren’t just rice, however. The most general ones are vegetable bentos, fruit bentos, sushi and sashimi bentos. And they’re all delicious.


Gyudon Restaurant Chains

Gyudon (also known as beef bowl) is often considered  fast food. It’s probably the most popular option that guarantees a full stomach. Gyudon is known as a staple for salarymen because of it’s both affordable and filling. Udon prices start at 290 to 500 JPY depending on the establishment. Getting super full on less than 500 JPY is definitely viable if you chose to eat out at a Gyudon establishment. The most well-known restaurant chains are Yoshinoya, Sukiya, and Matsuya.


Now, Tokyo is not the expensive place where you spend thousands of yen on at each meal. You can spend the money you saved on things that mean more to you, or those you’ve been saving up for just for your Tokyo trip.


Island Hopping on Labuan Bajo Tour and How to Choose Them

No one can deny the fun of Labuan Bajo tour excursion! You are going into an adventure in a remote Indonesian frontier which land is overflown with beauty. Your days will be filled with voyaging in the sea, hopping from one island to another, diving around beautiful corals, and have beach galore more than you can count. This trip will take you from what’s left from paradise to the remnant of Jurassic age.

Island Hopping on Labuan Bajo Tour: Choose 'Em!

With more than 20 islands to choose, however, it can be quite overwhelming to arrange the Labuan Bajo tour itinerary. Especially when you only have 3-4 days to enjoy everything Flores has to offer. Eyes on! We got you covered. If you haven’t made up your mind, here we have comprised all the popular islands based on their ultimate offer.

A Mini Guide to Tailor A Labuan Bajo Tour Itinerary

1. Are You Going to See the Dragons?

When you are going to the Komodo National Park, it’s only logical to arrange a meeting with the Komodo Dragons. The NP is named after them, after all (though they are not living in all of the islands, thank God). These ancient creature only live on two biggest island in the NP; Komodo Island and Rinca. Within this island, the dragons are roaming free whenever they wish; no fence to limit their move. Worry not, you have rangers to guide and protect you from the dragon’s deadly jaws. Most of the time, though, these beasts are just enjoying their time lounging in the shade from the scorching sun.

Both Komodo Island and Rinca are great to spot the dragons. If you are going for easy sighting with relatively short trek, go for Komodo Island. But if you want to trek with a view and casually meet the dragons on the way, Rinca is your option.

2. Are You Chasing for A View?

Travelers craze about Komodo National Park as one of the most stunning location in the world, and they’re damn right. With all uniquely curved islands, endless blue ocean, and undulating hills that turns from lush green to auburn as the season change, Flores is a dream of neverland that just too good to be true. Having a Labuan Bajo tour without immersing ourself in these otherworldly atmosphere is just plain boring.

The best place to enjoy Flores’ magnificent scenery is from elevated land. As you guess, Padar islands is the best and most popular place for that. After Padar, go for another trek in the small Kelor island and Gili Lawa Darat. Their panoramic view will transport you into another world altogether.

3. Looking for Islands for Quick Snorkel?

It’s been widely known that the Komodo National Park is a diving heaven for divers and snorkelers. In their preserved status, the ocean is blooming with healthy corals, fishes, sea critters, and marine creatures. Head to Kanawa, a tiny island with turquoise water as clear as mirror. Their shallow shores are dotted with starfishes and line of reefs that are highly visible above the water. Around the reefs live the ocean stars; dolphins, turtles, and stingrays.

If diving (or snorkelling) is your passion, make sure to stop on Manta Point. It’s the popular place where dozens of Mantas hang out regularly! The Padar Island is also a good spot to snorkel—the wildlife marine will keep you busy for hours.